Julie A Hartig


ja hartig sightseeingAll of my life I’ve wanted to make a positive impact on the world and add value. I’ve embraced this goal in everything I do – especially through volunteering, teaching, and coaching.
If everyone has a voice, or ‘internal soundtrack’ in their head, mine can be summed up in three words –

How?        What?         Why?

Having a question to answer, a problem to ponder, or an obstacle to overcome is as essential to me as breathing. In my youth it meant trying to ‘out-solve’ Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes; devising strategies in chess or other games to vanquish opponents; or exploring the ‘wild’ territories around our neighborhood in pursuit of discovery and adventure.
As might be imagined, it also makes me a ‘geek’ at heart.

I’ve been fortunate to live, work, and travel globally. My gypsy lifestyle has allowed me to learn from and collaborate with a variety of talented and fascinating people. It’s also given me a chance to understand the world from different perspectives and develop a unique approach and viewpoint.

This website is the place to share what I’ve seen, what I’ve done… and the lessons I’ve learned.  It’s also a home to support special volunteer projects I work on for community and non-profit groups.

P.S. – The photos on this site are primarily from my life and travels around the world. I hope you enjoy them and appreciate something different from the usual stock photos that seem to abound.  Since these are personal photos, I ask that you not use them without my consent – Thanks!

Professional Bio

Julie HartigJulie Hartig is a respected certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who has successfully delivered various projects – up to $80,000,000 – for large Fortune 500 companies like DuPont, Ford, and ITT. 

As an engineer, Julie has always been curious about how things work and how they can work better. This curiosity, coupled with creativity and drive, have contributed to her being awarded a number of patents, and honors such as Ford’s Product Development Award of Excellence.

She obtained her MBA in Europe, with a concentration on using technology to innovate, graduating with Distinction and receiving the award for Best Graduating MBA Student. 

Julie is a Principal at Hartig & Associates LLC. She is also a sought after board member and community leader who uses her technical skills and business acumen to help start-ups, community non-profits, and schools.

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